Generate optimised SQL queries in seconds

Simplify data analysis with AI-powered SQL query generation. Effortlessly generate optimised queries based on your schema. No SQL expertise required.

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Simplify SQL query writing

Effortless SQL queries for all users

Generate accurate and efficient SQL queries, regardless of your technical background. Our intuitive app utilises your schema to simplify query writing, allowing users to produce optimised queries without requiring extensive SQL knowledge.

Database creation and schema upload
Seamlessly create your databases and upload schemas within Querytastic. Create new chats for each database, allowing you to manage and optimise SQL queries efficiently for different data sets.

Optimised query generation
Ask questions and receive expertly optimised SQL queries and explanations tailored to your specific schema. Querytastic utilizes your schema to generate queries that deliver accurate and efficient results, without requiring in-depth SQL knowledge.

Chat history and management
Keep track of your queries and conversations. Easily manage and review your past chats, ensuring continuity and easy reference for future SQL query sessions

Team collaboration
Collaborate seamlessly by inviting team members to join your Querytastic project. Collectively optimise your SQL query writing process for enhanced productivity and efficiency across your entire team

Turbocharge your database queries with our supported databases

Unlock the power of BigQuery, DB2, Hive, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (in development), TransactSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), and FlinkSQL databases. Get expert assistance in crafting optimal queries to extract the information you need swiftly and accurately

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  • Teams with membership management
  • Chat history
  • Support via Twitter

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Generate optimised SQL queries for BigQuery, DB2, Apache Flink, Apache Hive, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and TransactSQL in seconds

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